Beekeeping Resources – Internet Resources

The American Beekeeping Federation

The American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) will act on behalf of the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the industry.
Commercial beekeeping organization with some beginner information

Bee Informed Partnership Inc.

Bee Informed Partnership Inc (BIP) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization using science-based, data-driven approaches to improve the health and long-term sustainability of honey bees (Apis mellifera), other plant pollinators and the ecosystems upon which they depend.

The Bee Informed Partnership is dedicated to working with beekeepers to improve colony health and increase colony survivorship.

Honey Bee Health Coalition

The mission of the Honey Bee Health Coalition is to collaboratively implement solutions that will help to achieve a healthy population of honey bees while also supporting healthy populations of native and managed pollinators in the context of productive agricultural systems and thriving ecosystems.

NY Bee Wellness Inc.

NY Bee Wellness Inc. is an independent grassroots educational non-profit 501c3 organization. The organization addresses the needs of beginning and small scale beekeepers, participants from other states welcome.

The Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota

The Bee Lab’s mission is to promote the conservation, health, and diversity of bee pollinators through research, education, and hands-on mentorship. We work as a team to provide the richest learning environment for students at all levels and from all backgrounds.

The Empire State Honey Producers Association

To promote and protect the interests of New York State beekeepers, and

To form an association for mutual benefit of New York State honey producers; to promote and assist in efforts to preserve and protect the honey bee; to assist New York State honey producers in promoting, marketing and publicizing honey and hive products and educate the public to the value of honey bee pollination; to aid in presenting a uniform point of view on concerns of New York State honey producers to state and federal agencies and the general public.

To procure uniformity and certainty in customs and usages of trade and commerce, and of those having a common trade, business, financial or professional interest; to promote a more enlarged and friendly intercourse among beekeepers

Honey Bee Research Center

Honey bees play a key role in agricultural productivity and ecosystem sustainability by providing pollination services to crops and wild plants. Our mandate is to help honey bees continue this vital work.

Has an excellent library of video and related beekeeping information.
‘Beekeeping through the eyes of a biologist’

“This is not a “How You Should Keep Bees” site; rather, I’m a proponent of “Whatever Works for You” beekeeping.  I’m a “data over dogma” guy, and I implore my readers to correct me on any information at this website that is out of date or not supported by evidence.”

Experiment based information regarding nutrition and varroa.

Randy Oliver

French Hill Apiaries

Michael Palmer is a commercial beekeeper in northern Vermont just below the Canadian border… and you thought our winters are rough here!  Check out his videos.

Beesource Beekeeping Forums

Extremely complete beekeeping forum with varying levels of
accuracy. (Caution! Also has lots of bad information. Check with your mentor before implementing.)

The Practical Beekeeper: Beekeeping Naturally

Exhaustive site highlighting natural beekeeping.

Eastern Apicultural Society

Major regional apicultural organization dedicated to education &

Michigan Beekeepers Association

Great designs & plans for building hives & equipment.

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium

Regional collection of beekeeping management information.

Ohio State University Bee Lab

Library of beekeeping webinars, videos & other information.

Project Apis m.

Lots of information and videos from commercial perspective.

US Department of Agriculture Bee Disease Diagnosis Service

This is where you send samples for free laboratory evaluation.

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