How Sweet It Is!!!

 I hosted a very talented artist who was in residency at Aunt Karen’s Farm. She took in excess of 1000 photos of bees and will transform them using a unique process into a piece of artwork.  As you know, Karen has been very supportive of our Association and I want to take any opportunity to acknowledge what she has done for us. 

 thanks, Steve

 “Julianne Nash, artist, experiences the joys of beekeeping for the first time. Julianne uses a unique technique of combining multiple photographic images into one to create her artwork. She was visiting our area on a short term residency as part of the New York Foundation for the Arts coordinated through Aunt Karen’s Farm, AKF Foundation for Culture and Environment  

She did a thorough inspection of a hive with Leatherstocking Beekeepers Association member Steve Davis, photographing bees, all stages of brood, comb and honey. Her visit was even graced by the presence of the queen. 

Julianne’s mother will also use some of the images to teach her third grade class about the plight of our honeybees.   

Thanks Julianne for spreading our enthusiasm for honeybees and their role in our environment. “