Evaluate an Installed Nuc and Hear from Johnston’s Honeybee Farm

Join the Leatherstocking Beekeepers’ Association for the monthly meeting on May 25 at 7 p.m. at The Farmers’ Museum.

Highlights of this month’s meeting will include member Richard Burroughs presenting on “Inspecting your hive frames: essentials for evaluating an installed nuc colony,” followed by guest speaker Mike Johnston, of Johnston’s Honeybee Farm in Eaton NY, presenting on “Package bee, nuc, and Queen production.”

Each presentation will include a Q&A session so come with questions!

In July, the beekeepers will be hosting an On-site Hands-on hive inspection where novice/beginner beekeepers will get pointers on the best ways to work with the bees. There will be 14 spaces available at this workshop, held July 15 at 10 a.m. with a raindate of July 22, so sign-up early.

We’ll see you there, and happy Beekeeping.

Beautiful Earth Festival and No Mow May

It was a beautiful day for this years Earth Festival and the Leatherstocking Beekeepers were happy to meet the curious attendees in Milford.

If you are interested in learning more about keeping bees you can join us at our upcoming meeting all about the “Initial Spring Hive Inspection”  featuring group participation and then “Soft Set Honey Part II” with Richard Lercari.

We will also be conducting some club business such as electing our Veep, Secretary, & Treasurer.

If you want to help feed the bees but can’t keep bees, you can participate in No Mow May, presented by the Otsego County Conservation Association. No Mow May is a program to reduce the frequency of lawn mowing in the spring, when forage for honey bees and other polinating insects is scarce. By letting your lawn, and yes the weeds as well, you can help provide that crucial forage for these essential insects at one of the most difficult times of the year for them.

To learn more about the program visit https://occainfo.org/no-mow-may-2023/.

In The Paper: The Leatherstocking Beekeepers Association

Read all about the Leatherstocking Beekeepers Association in this weeks edition of The Freeman’s Journal (March 9, 2023)

Beekeepers’ Association Shares
Responsible, Healthy Practices

The Leatherstocking Beekeepers’ Association recently held its Introduction to Beekeeping class at the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown. Thirty-five enthusiastic attendees were treated to… 
Read the rest of it here: https://www.allotsego.com/first-impressions-beekeepers-association-shares-responsible-healthy-practices/

The Introduction To Beekeeping Workshop Was Attended by 37 Potential Apiarists

The Clark Sports Center was the setting for this years Introduction to Beekeeping on February 25.

Dave E. explains a typical beekeeper’s year to 37 potential apiarists. Joined by many other volunteer LBA members, the club continues to share the message of the honeybees’ importance in Nature and how concerned citizens can contribute to their survival and well being.