Beautiful Earth Festival and No Mow May

It was a beautiful day for this years Earth Festival and the Leatherstocking Beekeepers were happy to meet the curious attendees in Milford.

If you are interested in learning more about keeping bees you can join us at our upcoming meeting all about the “Initial Spring Hive Inspection”  featuring group participation and then “Soft Set Honey Part II” with Richard Lercari.

We will also be conducting some club business such as electing our Veep, Secretary, & Treasurer.

If you want to help feed the bees but can’t keep bees, you can participate in No Mow May, presented by the Otsego County Conservation Association. No Mow May is a program to reduce the frequency of lawn mowing in the spring, when forage for honey bees and other polinating insects is scarce. By letting your lawn, and yes the weeds as well, you can help provide that crucial forage for these essential insects at one of the most difficult times of the year for them.

To learn more about the program visit

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